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Lawn service for the East Range area.
From Hoyt Lakes to Eveleth,
Babbitt to Tower/Soudan
And everywhere in between.

Snow removal available for Aurora, Hoyt Lakes and Biwabik areas.
(blowing, shoveling, walks, decks, in-town driveways)

Now doing roof snow removal. Don't wait!

Call now to setup your snow service for the winter!!

Some Customers Lawns

Lawn Care

Aurora Lawn and Snow has been providing the greater Aurora area with very reasonable, quality lawn mowing, trimming and sidewalk edging in the summer and shoveling/snow blowing in the winter for the last 15 years.

We have the experience and positive work ethic to get your jobs done fast and done right. Some current customers include residential, commercial, churches and apt. building lawns, walks and drives.

If you're tired of uncompleted jobs or no dependability, try us! We will be there and get the job done right. Whether you have a large lawn or small, we will get it done and we are reasonably priced.

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Actual Lawns We Do

church lawn in aurora

biwabik lawn

Northern MN Winters Can Be Brutal

snow blowing

snow blowing

Snow Blowing / Shoveling

At Aurora Lawn and Snow we will make sure your walkways are clear of ice and snow. We will also apply sand and ice-melt if needed for your safety.

Our equipment currently does not include a truck, however we have 3 snow blowers and an ATV with a plow as well as shovels and other equipment.

Free Snow Removal For Troops
Proud Volunteers

We normally work in teams of 2, usually my son and myself, so once we start we get your job done quickly and done right.

Once again if you're tired of waiting forever for kid next door or the plow guy to show up or you don't like the surprise of a plow damaged lawn in the spring.

Give us a call.

Aurora Lawn and Snow FAQ
  • Q.) What is sidewalk edging?

    A.) Along with mowing the lawn and weed whacking, one quick way to give your house immediate curb appeal is to edge your sidewalks and driveway. This gives a very well manicured look to your property. As an option we will use our power edger to give you a very professional look.

  • Q.) How often should I water my lawn?

    A.) During periods of little or no rain, one inch of water should be applied to your lawn each week between the hours of 5:00 am and 9:00 am. Never water in the evening, as the grass will remain wet until mid-morning the following day. This will promote fungal growth and insect infestation. You can check the amount of water your lawn is getting by setting a small can out in the lawn to collect the rain water.

  • Q.) When is the best time to seed thin spots on my lawn?.

    A.) Fall is the best time to overseed to fill in weak spots and compensate for thinning growth but this can be done in spring and summer too. However the ideal time for planting grass seed to either establish a new lawn or renovate a poor quality one is fall. Good quality grass seed will germinate better and be more disease resistant over time.

  • Q.) How long do I wait until I mow a re-seeded area on the lawn? I used some good seed but the only info I could find on the bag was about germination taking four to six weeks before I fertilize and not to use weed killer for three mowings. No note on to when I can mow the first time.

    A.) Ordinarily, we wait until the grass is 3-5 inches tall, we set the mower high with a sharp blade, and mow.

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